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Air freight

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Ocean freight

Competitive cost for ocean freight and offer much more flexibility in terms of space with Wahana Multi Logistics


Wahana Multi Logistics let you into the priority level, securing the quality and set the guaranted delivery time

About us

Wahana Multi Logistik (WML) agrees and has highest commitment to being able to meet or exceed customer expectations and maintain the quality of service to customers by applying the concept of appropriate operations, continuous improvement, helpful, trustworthiness and cooperation, by enforcing the efficiency of logistics services and providing a health workplace and safety


Latest Project - Pengiriman Sampel Virus Covid-19 dari Padang

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wahana multi logistics

Get closer than ever to you. So close that we tell you what needed well before you realize it selves

Our team is committed to delivering excellence throughout the process by understanding the company’s objectives

We do well to ensure that our prices are very affordable compared to prevailing prices while at the same time providing you with superior quality

we’ll do our best to leverage our many years of experience to deliver the most professional service in the expedition

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